How to Engage Your Social Media Fans

November 13, 2018 Kevon 0 Comments

It is fairly simple to get an Instagram like or follower. There are a plethora of techniques that people use to achieve this task. Some people even buy likes and followers to give their page the slight nudge that it needs to do great things. However, it is not as simple to capture the attention of the audience and keep them with you. Engage the audience and you can make a big difference your social media presence.

How can you engage your audience you ask? That is also a task that most people find fairly simple. Start with a great IG profile that offers unique, quality material. Whether it is a link to a news story, a photo, or a video, quality is always important. Next, ask the right questions on your posts. You’re free to post anything that you would like to share on social media sites like Instagram but if you want an audience of interested people, you must do more to get ahead.

You can ensure that your audience is engaged with the posts by asking them the right questions. When you ask questions, you are basically telling the audience to leave a comment. In turn, this can start a great conversation with the right group of people on the post.  A few hot topic questions that get the conversation going on social media:

  1. What do you think? Nothing is more important than gaining the input of the most valued players on your team!
  2. How can I help you? When a customer feels like you care, they’ll reciprocate the love you show them.
  3. What are your questions? Give customers and others the chance to as questions and get the responses they need.
  4. What do you like about this? A simple question with many big answers in store.
  5. Was this right or wrong? When you incite emotion, you win the comments!

You get the idea, right? These questions are just a handful of the many that you can ask your audience to help them start a conversation and pay more attention to your brand. The goal of your post is to encourage social interaction and to showcase your expertise on the subject matter. When you do these things, you are on the right road for success.

Customers want to feel close to the brands they love. They want to get that personalized connection, so to say. When you ask questions and invite their response, they’ll connect to your brand on that deeper level and everyone wins.  Make sure to respond to comments as people leave them on your posts, as this is important.

No matter what type of services you offer to the community, it is easy to get your name out there using social media platforms like Instagram. It is fun to use these sites to benefit you brand and your life, so take full advantage of the opportunity.   You can accomplish great things when social media is on your side.

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